Monday, July 19, 2004

So what the heck is this all aboot?

So... what is The Lithium Age? "Next generation of imagination? Wuzzah?" Allow me to produce exposition for you.

In the comics world, there are several Ages. The Golden Age in the 40's, the Silver Age in the 60's, the Bronze Age in the 70's, and so on. The closer to present time one gets, the harder it is to classify an age. The Silver Age, however, was classified by new ideas and imagination. I see a new trend starting to develop, one which will return things to their imaginative Silver Age roots yet be grounded in the modern era, and so I have dubbed this age The Lithium Age, and I'm allowing you all to get in on the ground floor.

It doesn't necessarily have to apply only to comics, of course. It can apply to prose, music, film, or any part of culture, pop or otherwise. And so I leave it to you to continue the trend and help me develop The Lithium Age.


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