Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Di-Verbal Review! Or is it Bi-Verbal...?

Time for some two-word reviews of recent comic books I've picked up!

Fantastic Four #515: Traditionally atrocious. 2/10
Gotham Central #21:
Pulpy characterization. 7/10
Human Target #12: Cinematically human. 8/10
Seaguy #3: Boombastic psychedelia. 9/10
X-Statix #24:
Ludicrous satire. 5/10

Look for a review of the entirety of the three-issue Seaguy mini-series fairly soon. And when I read V for Vendetta, the first volume of the Invisibles, and Essential Thor, I'll be posting some sort of commentary. Also, please note the new links section in the sidebar to your right.

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