Monday, September 06, 2004

Some blogs are bigger than others

Well, crikey, kids, no one reads this damn thing. And if they do, they don't tell me, which is twice as worse and will surely get you a nice caning by a thick-wristed nun, or thereabouts.

Now, several of my other fictional split personalities, or perhaps my imaginary friends, have asked me what a 'pop comic' necessarily is. Well, then, says I, what is a pop song? Take that and cross out song and scribble 'comic' on the end, and there you go. But as for an example...

Go Here and Here and Here. Deliciously smart pop comics.

As to what the subject matter is, well, Jenny Everywhere is an open source character, meaning nobody owns the copyright, so anyone is free to use her. Hence, there's lots of comics around starring the character in all sorts of situations, as she adapts to all genres. So there's everything from action stories to Tijuana Bibles about her. I've provided you here with a few by a really good creative team.

One of these days, I'll have to script a little Jenny story. But it'd be best to start with an idea, first. Hmm...

Oh. And it comes to my attention that Todaybor Day is Labor Day. Boy howdy.