Monday, July 26, 2004

Breathing the electric air of the future!

I'm going into this entry having no idea what to say and no whimsical oblique title to give it. I suppose I'll mention something about the comics world, throw in a few other ditties... I've been in quite a lot of random pain today, so I need something to take my mind off that. Oh, let's just see.

So Warren Ellis is going to be writing Iron Man very shortly, which is quite interesting. I have had absolutely no interest in Iron Man whatsoever since I was a wee lad and loved everything either shiny or in bright colors, and Iron Man's both of those. Anyway, Ellis is one of those patented Crazed British Comic Authors (tm) who is known for doing some really good, experimental, and noteworthy stuff. He redefined super-heroes and brought about the 'widescreen' movement with The Authority, he tackles super-hero anthropology and numerous other interesting elements in Planetary (which I admit that I haven't read, but I plan to get the trades), plus he's done zillions of other projects. Anyway, now he's on Iron Man. I think he'll be a good fit for the technology and sci-fi aspects, and he'd probably write a decent Tony Stark, although I won't be surprised if the character suddenly becomes a chainsmoking British guy, as that archetype appears in nearly all of Ellis's works. So yeah, I'll check that out.

Another bit of news from the San Diego Comicon is that Ed Brubaker is writing Captain America. "Bru" (as he's known) writes Catwoman and Gotham Central right now, and they're both excellent books, so I'll at least check out his Cap run. It promises to be more than silly tradition.

Peter Milligan will be taking over the adjectiveless X-Men comic in five or six issues or so. Milligan writes Human Target for DC's mature Vertigo imprint right now, and it's my favorite ongoing comic on the stands. He also writes X-Statix, which will come to an end next month, and that comic ranged from good to excellent until that whole Princess Diana debacle which ended up shooting quality in the face. Anyway, his X-Men will most likely be good, so check that out, too.

That wraps up this entry, I think. Perhaps another one will be shortly forthcoming. And before I forget, today I will wish a certain person a happy birthday. They know who they are.

Oh, and now I've added a random title. And yeah, I stole it from somewhere. If you correctly identify where it's from, you get a cookie.


Shamash said...

Unfortunately, I read my comics seldomly with plenty of space between them. That doesn't mean I don't respect and enjoy them, I'm just more of a novel/series type of a reader.

That doesn't prevent me from getting a cookie. I know the answer to your foolish naming task! Bwahahaha!* Don't want to ruin it for anyone else, so I'll contact you more directly. Good luck everyone on figuring it out. You get delightful cookies as a reward. And if you laugh in an evil manner in your post (see above laugh, *), they become evil cookies and taste of both your victory and the crushing defeat of your opponent.

This is a public service announcement from a your Magic playing master, humbling his opponents on this blog since 3 posts ago.

Bill Reed said...

I thought 'Mwahaha' was evil and 'Bwahaha' was more of an actual guffaw of some sort.

Yes yes, cookie...

Shamash said...

Well, I've always seen Mwahahahaha! as the laugh of the ploting evil genius who has just come up with a plan to defeat his opponent or when he's feeling particularly evil. Bwahahahahaha is moreso the evil laugh used to signify the fruition of said plans, or in an address to the helpless, pitiful captured hero.

Really though, it's all a matter of villainous preference. If you disagree though, I'll feel obligated to destroy you. Bwahahahaha!... or wait, would it be Mwahahaha here? Damn, knew I shouldn't have skipped out on Villainous Laughs and Monosyllabic Expressions of Arrogance 101...

From the guy who gloats about his accomplishments at the bottom of each of his comments.