Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Greatest Film Subtitles of All Time

Can you place the subtitle to the movie? Let's begin:

1. Electric Boogaloo
2. The Wrath of Khan
3. The Secret of the Ooze
4. The Revenge
5. The Legend of Curly's Gold
6. In Space
7. The Stone of Cold Fire
8. Back in the Habit
9. Back 2 tha Hood
10. High Voltage
11. The Quest for Peace
12. ... Your Sister Is a Werewolf

Can you think of any other awesome ones?

Friday, March 25, 2011

When I was a kid...

... I thought there was a specific curse word assigned to each finger.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

R.I.P. Michael Gough

My grandmother comes from a large family, so there was always another great aunt or uncle popping up out of the Polish woodwork when I was a lad. Having watched the 1989 Batman movie a few hundred times, Michael Gough may as well have been another great uncle of mine. I'll miss him, and always return to Batman, or Top Secret!, or what-have-you the same way one would return to a family album.

Friday, March 11, 2011


What Bill's thinking/watching/reading/writing/doing. This is the shape of my head.

//Dear Hollywood: Can we get a Frederic Wertham biopic? I don't ask for much. Can Christoph Waltz star as Wertham? Thank you.

//Gary Groth arguing with folks about the merits of Dilbert. My view? Dilbert, at its height, was hilarious and awesome, and occasionally, we still get a glimpse of same.

//Jog on Ditko's recent output and Alan Moore's Swamp Thing. "Novel-length criticism!" a '70s comic would say.

//Witzke and Seneca go to town on Elektra: Assassin.

//The Mindless Ones' Amy Poodle writes about The Invisibles for the new Comics Journal, which is the new happenin' place to be (which is why I'll never be invited to their parties).

//Naked Cities by Miru Kim. (Contains butts.) Absolutely tremendous photography, a haunting exploration of our dilapidated urban detritus, as if these images come to us from a post-apocalypse, when the first brave, naked human wanders back out to explore the destruction we brought upon ourselves.

//Qaddafis/Bluths. It's Arrested Development.

//Four unused songs from the Scott Pilgrim movie.

//Chris Sims talks about one of my all-time favorite comics (spoilers: it's ROM Spaceknight).

//Weird old comics TV show interview with Grant Morrison (with hair!) and Dave McKean about Arkham Asylum and stuff.

//Stained glass comics cover reproductions by Brandon Michael Barker. Holy crap, you guys.

//Enter the Void: I kinda wanna write more on this later. But, it's a fucked-up visual feast. See it.

//So I've now watched the first three Friday the 13th movies before they expire off my Instant Queue, and... they're not very good, are they? I mean, they're passable, sure, and improve as they go along, which is rare for a franchise, but they're not about anything, are they? Each movie is basically a remake of the last one. Is it an anti-teen-sex PSA? With machetes? Compare it to Halloween, which defined the slasher genre for America, or to Evil Dead, which was visually inspiring and self-consciously ridiculous, or to Nightmare on Elm Street, the first of which works great thematically and visually, a fine entry into the Craven/Raimi one-upmanship competition, and clearly a major influence on Joss Whedon's Buffy, and, and, etc. The Fridays have almost no interesting or likable characters, very little plot, weak atmosphere, the endings are deliberately nonsensical, etc. Line up the pins and cut 'em down, that's all they are. Hardly the stuff of horror cinema legend. I guess that's why Jason inevitably becomes the protagonist, instead of the villain.

(Now, Jason X, there's a movie.)

Saturday, March 05, 2011


What Bill's thinking/watching/reading/writing/doing. This is the shape of my head.

//Aquaman redesigns over at Project: Rooftop. But you can't improve upon perfection!

//Read The Pint Man by Steve Rushin - a book I feel written just for me, about a guy who spends a lot of time in bars and holds a lot of useless trivia inside his head. "His mind was like a lint trap"-- holding the detritus of knowledge around him. Low on conflict, but enjoyable.

//Goodnight Dune.

//Legend of the Super-Heroes in retrospect.

//Remake/Remodel: Magician of Mars

//MGK on Superman.

//James Bond covers.

//Like Ed Gorey, Maurice Sendak, and the guy who drew Scary Stories (Stephen Gammell; thanks, Internet!) had an art baby.

//My favorite part of To Kill a Mockingbird (the film), as drawn by Dan Hipp: