Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Places to Go...

I've got no idea what to say, but I'll try to say something anyway. I realize no one's reading this, so instead it's actually just my own demented mind talking to itself. Which I suppose is fine, in some stream-of-consciousness writing-skill-building exercise. Or not. But if you're out there, leave a comment. Or I'll be forced to leave comments under assumed names just to satisfy my own demented and soon-to-be-fractured mind. Anyway...

Websites of the Moment:

Tales of the Parodyverse: The people on this board are family. No, not literally, of course, but they very much feel like it for me. I love these people. The board itself is a home for a shared universe of fiction, and many of the posters are writers. Sure, it's super-heroes and parodies of comic books, but it's some great storytelling. There's comedy and drama and action and crime-fic and lots and lots of other genres. It's a great place, and hopefully it's not too hard to get into for new posters. There's a Who's Who, Where's Where, and a When's When (The History of the Parodyverse), and numerous archive sites of previous material. If you like comics, or you're a writer, or both, or even if you're just looking for a place to read some good material, then check it out. (You can find my own story archive here, by the way. I warn you, though, a lot of the very early stories are crap. Trust me, I get better.)

Barbelith: The smartest forums on the 'net. The place covers all of culture and back again, from politics to philosophy to science to books, movies, comics, and music. The posters are very intelligent and witty, and they have the best taste in pop culture.

And that is apparently it for now.

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