Wednesday, July 21, 2004


I'm not a big fan, or follower, of politics. I find them dreadfully boring, and trying to keep up with the political world will probably only lead to frustration and anger. I simply can't fathom the thought processes of our so-called government "officials." I must say, no, I don't like Mr. Bush very much, but Mr. Kerry seems like he took classes at the Al Gore school of elocution. Still, Mr. Kerry, right now, seems like the lesser of two evils. So remember: a vote for Kerry is a vote for someone that isn't Bush.

As far as politics go, I can find myself to be a fan of some politically-charged comic books, however. I wish that Captain America had kept going in that direction, but unfortunately Marvel has decided to regress the title back to simple super-hero fare, something I'm not going to waste my money on. It seems like I'll have to write my own political comic... and I will, surely. I have many ideas for a new title which will serve as a political thesis, as well as a range of other topics, including religion, the military, philosophy, law, and a few other things, I'm sure. Plus it should have some well-rounded (and well-written) characters. We'll see how the scripting, shopping, and publishing processes go, however.


Shamash said...

Well, can't say I don't agree. Both Bush and Kerry seem to be lying, cheating fools with less of a plan for the country than a personal political agenda. Also, Kerry may be the lesser of two evils. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't vote for him. Or Bush. Neither is a good choice there. Instead, vote Green, or any other party. Remember, if those miniature upstart parties get enough votes, they get larger cut of Government votes. Soon enough, they could be major players in the political arena. Even the Communist Party, despite government hatred, would recieve increased funding. So, vote smart, don't vote Bush or Kerry.

Brought to you by your favorite friendly Wheel of Time reader.

Bill Reed said...

Ahh, buy you see, voting for a lesser party, while it may be the right thing to do, is not the smart thing, as that will probably get Bush a bigger part of the pie and thus, it's best to vote for Kerry, simply because too many votes for Nader could screw everyone over.

Shamash said...

True, but do you really trust Kerry that much more than Bush? At least Bush has had experience messing up the country. At the very least, Kerry will have to spend a good deal of time finding support in the new administration, become familiar with the entire process, and then begin his own new plans run the country. Bush simply has to continute implementing his former policies. Though I may not agree with them, we need strong action more than we need a lack there of.

What's more, voting affects the future as well as the present. We can live with either Bush or Kerry for several more years, no matter who comes to power. Thus, voting third party is more so for the future safety and fairness of our country.

A comment by everyone's favorite two-player mindsweeper master.

Anonymous said...

okay kid,
i agree with your 1st priority when it comes to voting, and planned on voting green or this year.

But the thing is, the scenario has changed.

George Bush is the worst president in the history of our country. [probably not true, but it could be a subject of argument]

Your idea that experience matters more is completely ridiculous, it just doesn't make any sense.

Hitler had plenty of experience. Does that mean he should be the one to continue running germany forever?

Real stupid way to think, boy. That's the about as conservative as you can get if you think about it.

If Bush wins, he has the chance to appoint up to 4 new supreme court justices. That could fuck us completely for alot more than just 4 years.

The green party isn't even holding Mr. Nader up as their candidate.

Everyone thinks it is because his ego. The fact is, he's probably right. Things may need to get worse before they get better. It's all whether you believe in that philosophy or not.
I used to, but after hearing a viewer on cspan talk, i believe differently.

Look at canada.
They are finally getting somewhere.
Gay marriage is legal, and healthcare is a right.

You didn't need to take away civil rights of gays and insurance companies didn't need to jack up insurance prices for this to happen.
The liberals have been in control in canada for quite a long time, and that's why.

I admit our democratic party is a pretty sorry excuse, but some candidates are worthy of our vote, and Wesley clark for example, even campaigned with the idea that no one below the poverty level should be paying taxes.

We need to make the right votes at the democratic primaries.

PS, this entire thought i sort of just made up now,
but its making me want to register a democrat.