Monday, June 30, 2008

Things You Should Know About Me I

1. The "Director" and "Producer" claims on the sidebar are pretty much lies. The "Writer" claim is debatable. The "Crazy Person" is true. I have a certificate. It's laminated, mostly so I don't accidentally die from a paper cut.

2. My hatred for John Travolta knows only one bound: Pulp Fiction. (The Samuel L. Jackson Effect cancels out the Travolta Factor, thereby enabling the Willis Quotient and Walken Vector to create a cinematic triumph).

3. #1 was a lie. It's not laminated.

4. I find White Castle to be delicious, even though it makes my intestines want to be out-testines.

5. I will watch anything that has Simon Pegg in it.

6. My Google-fu is better than yours.

7. Doctor Who is really, really, really, really, really, really awesome. David Tennant makes me confused about my sexuality. (Not really.)

8. Whenever I attempt to do an accent from any of the British Isles, it quickly lapses into very poor Scottish.

9. The URL ("loaf of doom") of this blog is the combination of my favorite word and my favorite phrase.

The sun is my natural enemy.

Happy New Year

Yes, it's nearly July. Shut up.

No one knows this blog exists even if I post on Comics Should Be Good (though not as often as I should) in something resembling a frequency. But I should maybe have some content on here or something in the event that someone accidentally lands on this here blog and uses it to judge whether life is worth living or not. Though, frankly, reading it will probably land them on "not," though I should remind you that a good 15% of my readership does not have the urge to hurt themselves upon visiting this site, thank you very much.