Monday, November 08, 2004

Wearing the electric pants of the future!

It has come to my attention that I haven't updated this in a short while, but that is because:
a.) I'm a lazy git.
b.) I forgot.
c.) No one reads the damned thing anyway.

Yet, however, I shall persevere, simply to spite the universe.
Frankly, I've got nothing to talk about. Certainly my imaginary audience doesn't give a damn about comics, unless, that is, they do, yet they don't tell me, because, after all, they're imaginary, and I certainly enjoy commas. I could talk about life, and whatnot, but I'm a very guarded person who doesn't talk about how I feel because then I get all choked up and have to listen to depressing music and watch Buffy DVDs before I resume my default cynical and sardonic persona. Besides, there's the off chance that my audience isn't imaginary and people I know are reading this and my horrible secret that I'm really the illegitimate son of Bigfoot and Prince Charles will come to light.

However, I've come to talk to you about something all near and dear to our hearts, and that's television. I hate TV. It sucks. Joss Whedon has left the medium, and I went with him, only to come crawling back because I am so indescribably bored. And I've been watching several things recently, which amazes me, as it's the most TV I've watched in years, and it's nearly all on Sunday nights, which is fine with me.
The best new show this year is quite clearly Boston Legal, for three reasons: Shatner, Shatner, Shatner. Okay, that's a lie, Shatner's just one reason three times, and the other two are Spader and David E. Kelley. The dialogue is sharp, the acting is sharper, and the show is just damn hilarious, but can do an about-face and become a drama on a dime, just like our favorite TV shows, Buffy and MASH. I love genre-benders.
I've also been watching Desperate Housewives, first out of morbid curiousity and now out of some kind of addiction. I'm not quite sure, but I just want to know where the damn plot is going.
Also on the list is the Simpsons (one episode's out so far, and, well, it sucked so much more than the last five years, which have really sucked), which I keep meaning to stop watching, and Smallville, which is utter trash, but like watching a train wreck, in that I can't turn away.
In fact, there's only one other decent show, unless I'm forgetting something, which I probably am, and that's Arrested Development, which is simply hilarious.

That was one helluva twelve-minute power writing session, and I'm almost sad that it's over. Farewell, my imaginary audience; I bid you adieu, adieu, adieu, and thank you, no, thank you, yes yes, no no, indeed, quite so!

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Anonymous said...

I read this damned thing! Arrested development is really good. It's different from all other Tv. You just blocked me because Nick hit on you. All I wanted to do was say hi *blink blink*... *tear*