Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And now for 52 Marvel relaunches

They asked, I answered. I never thought I'd make it to 52, but then, well, I hit over 60, and had to pare it down.

Whereas DC Comics seems fit more for big ideas and concepts, Marvel is all about character interaction. There are a lot of team and group books below. Marvel's also got a bigger problem with diversity, in my opinion, but I tried to hit as many vital demographics as I could, and I push hard for a wider audience base. Anyway, here we go:

The Marvel Universe:

1. Fantastic Four
2. Marvel Two-in-One featuring The Thing
3. Amazing Spider-Man
4. Web of Spider-Man: A monthly collection of a free weekly six-page Spider-Man webcomic
5. Sinister Six: A series about Spidey's rogues gallery
6. The Avengers
7. Secret Avengers: Featuring Black Widow, Venom (Flash), Ant-Man, Sleepwalker, Cloak, and Dagger.
8. Avengers UK: Captain Britain/MI13 but with a more profitable title
9. The All New, All Different X-Men: Hated and Feared
10. Iron Man 2099
11. Here Comes Daredevil, the Man Without Fear
12. The Incredible Hulk
13. Black Panther
14. Sleepwalker
15. Journey Into Mystery with Beta Ray Bill
16. Marvel Boy
17. ROM Spaceknight
18. The Offenders: Starring Deathlok, SuperPro, Zombie, Satana, Sun Girl, and Nth Man the Ultimate Ninja
19. Nextwave: Kick/'Splode
20. Shang-Chi: Kung Fu Superspy
21. Alias Cage & Jones
22. Devil Dinosaur: Agent of SHIELD
23. D-Man and the Howling Commandos
24. Marvel Comics Presents - a bi-weekly or monthly anthology that also collects webcomic features in print. Starts off with Wolverine, Deadpool, Damage Control, and Howard the Duck, with rotating features.

Marvel Midnight:

25. Dr. Strange
26. Ghost Riders
27. Brother Voodoo
28. Nightstalkers: Starring Man-Wolf, Wolfsbane, Werewolf by Night, and Hannibal King
29. Where Monsters Dwell: Starring Elsa Bloodstone, Gilgamesh, and the Legion of Monsters

Young Adult/Teen:

30. Thor: The Mighty Avenger
31. Captain America: The Fighting Avenger
32. Avengers Academy: Now with Amadeus Cho
33. X-Men: Gifted Youngsters
34. Runaways
35. Power Pack
36. Galacta, Daughter of Galactus
37. Spider-Girl and the New Warriors: Featuring Spider-Girl, Gravity, Thunderstrike, Patriot, Power Man, and Ladyhawk)

Written, Drawn, and Edited by Women, for Women, Starring Women:

38. She-Hulk: Super-Lawyer
39. Miss America: A new, Native American superheroine
40. Night Nurse: Hospital drama set in the Marvel Universe
41. Thoroughly Model Millie: '60s-set romantic comedy
42. Dakota North, PI
43. Heroines for Hire: Starring all the women of the MU


44. Punisher MAX
45. Nick Fury MAX: Starring Samuel L. Jackson
46. The Gulf MAX: A “sequel” to The 'Nam about the current Iraq War
47. Dazzler MAX: A mature readers book aimed at women.

Everything Else:

48. Ravage 2012
49. Strikeforce: Morituri
50. Killraven: War of the Worlds
51. Not Brand Ecch
52. Street Poet Ray


Colin Smith said...

Bill, just two things;

1. The Brits aren't good on Avenging unless its avenging themselves on someone they share a city or a county or suchlike with. Usually Avenging will involve, crime, football, sectarianism, race and ethnicity or some mixture of the same. But beyond those extremes, we're too slothful and poorly organised. In truth, if it's not local, we can't be bothered.

2. BIG Fan already of the Offenders. Sounds like the next cab off the rank after the Champions in '75, hoovering up everyone that's left over, including a football hero who's not been invented yet.

3. Young Adult/Teen books; how can there NOT be such a line. Loss leaders exist in retail for a very good reason.

4. For women and by women? Tip-toeing away from that one until I see how Dworkinised you've become

Good luck with getting the MNC behind you!

Bill Reed said...

Aaaand I totally forgot to stick "Ruse" in there somewhere. Well, we don't *need* the Hulk...

Colin Smith said...

Why not Ruse AND the Hulk?

Come on, Bill, out of the box, out of the box!