Friday, February 13, 2009

Netflix Interlude: A List of Things that Appear in Tokyo Gore Police

Having just watched the most ridiculous epic of our times, the over-the-top-so-far-it's-under-the-bottom and yet strangely glorious Tokyo Gore Police, Japanese cinema's thematic follow-up to Machine Girl, I thought about doing a review. But a review would not do it justice. This is the kind of movie that Chris Sims loves to summarize. It's absolutely mad. So I'll just list a few of the details that are in this baby. Like so:

  • Characters called "Engineers" whose wounds morph into monstrous body-horror weapons
  • Topless women with sewn-shut scars in place of nipples
  • Top half? Lady. Bottom half? Fearsome, toothy maw.
  • An Engineer gets his wang bitten off only for it to transform into a mutant cock shotgun
  • A drawing-and-quartering
  • Exploding heads
  • A quadruple amputee in a BDSM gimp suit with swords for arms and legs
  • The above, but with assault rifles
  • A man getting his hands cut off
  • An old medical examiner with a blue fauxhawk
  • A gun that shoots fists
  • TV commercials glorifying and selling wrist-cutting products
  • PSAs against seppuku
  • A snail woman
  • A guy who bleeds so hard that the force of his bleeding propels him into the air like a rocket
Etc. And yet, it's still often dull in parts. Half of this movie consists of shots of blood spraying everywhere.

But if you like absolutely gratuitous violence, copious amounts of gore, and utter, utter nonsense, this is the perfect movie for you.

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