Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Favorite Ducks

Not really in order of preference, but almost. Google and/or Wiki the ones you're not familiar with.

1. Darkwing Duck
2. Howard the Duck
3. Scrooge McDuck
4. Destroyer Duck
5. Count Duckula
6. Daffy Duck/Duck Dodgers
7. Plucky Duck
8. The Mighty Ducks (from the animated series)
9. Duckman
10. Donald Duck
11. Launchpad McQuack
12. Gizmoduck
13. NegaDuck
14. Moby Duck
15. The Aflac Duck
16. Baby Huey
17. Psyduck
18. Huey
19. Dewey
20. Louie

Purposefully left off the list: Mallard Fillmore.

Did I miss any good ones?


Matthew E said...

I may think of more later, but there's:

Rubberduck, of the Zoo Crew
Aquaduck, of the Just'a Lotta Animals
Duck, from the 'Little Bear' kids show

(Verification word: fuxmj. No kidding. "What does Spider-Man do after he sees that Mary Jane statue?")

Matthew E said...

Pato, from the 'Pocoyo' kids show
Quack, from the 'Peep and the Big Wide World' kids show

(Can you tell I have a three-year-old?)

Ferdinand, from 'Babe'

Johnny B said...

Dirty Duck!

I also remember an indie comic called "Dick Duck, Duck Dick", but my Google Fu fails me on that one.

Bill said...

I'd have a half dozen more Scrooge McDuck characters (Gyro, Doofus, Glomgold, Magica), but that's a personal preference more than anything you forgot.

Bill Reed said...

I like Gyro Gearloose too, but he's a chicken. :)

Bill said...

Oh yeah... I guess he is. Well it was late, that's my excuse.