Monday, July 25, 2005

Haiku Achoo

Well-groomed Tony Blair;
The English Prime Minister?
Overlord of Doom!

A monstrous lizard.
The behemoth from Japan.
Oh no! Godzilla!

A monkey in space.
Rocketing through nebulas.
His name is Bojo.

Let's go to the hop.
A shindig or hootnanny?
Joanie loves Chachi.

I wrote this poem.
Five, seven, five syllables.
I haiku. Do you?


Greg said...

Haiku and Greg B.
Do not get along too well
What an awesome post.

Bill Reed said...

I'd write a witty haiku reply back, but I'm a bit tapped out right now. A bunch of friends and I wrote dozens of these suckers in, like, half an hour. Fun stuff. My favorite was a collaboration between two of 'em:

Sturdy desk of wood
Holds my books and all my things;
Wish I had one now.

Brian Cronin said...

I once wrote a Birds of Prey review in haiku format!